OFF-WHITE RIOT. A Lean & Mean Yamaha SR500 From Vagabund Moto

Here's the Austrian Wunderkinds from Vagabund Moto with their latest custom build. SR? Yes sir...

4y ago

Rock ‘n’ Roll had The Blues. World War I had Franz Ferdinand. And television had Philo Farnsworth. Every big event has its ground zero, and for modern custom motorcycles, it was the inimitable Yamaha SR500. More specifically, it was Japanese Custom shops in the 90s and their ready, cheap access to the bikes that kicked things off. And here we are today, enjoying the fruits of all their hard work. Keen to acknowledge where it all started, Austria’s Vagabund Moto decided to throw their hat in the ring with a classic SR build of their own. Meet the ‘V06’.

“Our idea for the design was not to reinvent the wheel,” says Vagabund’s Paul Brauchart from their Austrian headquarters. “It was more or less based on the idea of building an homage to the classic Yamaha SR500 with a Vagabund twist on it.

And while we’ve cheekily gone and called it a brat here, it seems Paul might disagree. “It’s a mixture of many styles. We don’t like to define a particular style for our projects, because we only add the parts which we think best suits each build. If we were to say, ‘OK, let’s build a classic cafe racer this time,’ we just would minimize our creative possibilities.”


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