Office debate: What’s the perfect 3 car garage?

3 cars. Money not an object. What would you have?

The 'dream garage' is a classic petrolhead fantasy game. That's why I’m so surprised that in my (granted, brief) time in the DT office, I’m yet to hear it come up! Well, I’ve taken matters into my own hands and asked some of our best and brightest to give me their picks. To keep things simple (and to pre-emptively stop James King from choosing three Fiat Pandas) I’ve narrowed it down a bit, and insisted that their garage comprise of:

-A daily driver

-A fun weekend car

-A wildcard (anything they want)

But before we see what the chaps in the office have selected, allow me give you my picks and explain why I’m right and everyone else is wrong:

My daily driver: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

This was an easy one. It pretty much goes without saying that for most petrolheads, the ideal daily driver will likely be some sort of super-saloon: hot hatches are great, but just a bit ordinary for a ‘money-doesn’t-matter’ list. SUVs aren’t driver’s cars, and if you’re picking some low-slung two-seater for your daily, you definitely have no friends.

Super-saloon it is then, and for me it has to be the Alfa Giulia QV: the car that appeared almost completely out of nowhere last year and pretty much blew the mind of every motoring journalist that sat in it. After years of samey AMG/M car dominance, the Giulia QV brought the Italians roaring back into the ‘fun four-door’ game while single-handedly revitalising a brand that was once synonymous with driving passion.

The Giulia is motoring evidence of the fact that sometimes, you actually can have your cake and eat it. Supremely comfortable, deeply exciting, and unspeakably Italian. Best of all, and unlike the fast Alfa saloons of the past, it isn’t even that prone to bursting into flames for no apparent reason. So that’s good.

My weekend car: Lamborghini Huracán Performante



While a good daily is required to be versatile and multi-talented, your weekend/sunny day car has just one job: Thrill. I briefly flirted with the idea of an old Ferrari Daytona or 250 California, but in the end I figured I’d be better off with something that has more than 9 horsepower and brakes that work.

Of the current pool of modern supercars, I see two standouts: my head wanted the McLaren 570s; it's all the supercar I’d ever need with virtually none of the downsides. But my heart couldn't look past the naturally-aspirated V10 magnificence of the Lamborghini Huracán Performante.

Why? Well, it’s jolly fast, but the Huracán is about so much more than laptimes. In a changing world of turbo-chargers, hybrid tech, and fewer cylinders, it is quite simply the perfect swansong for the full-blooded combustion engine.

For all it's aerodynamic witchcraft and face-ripping speed, where the Lambo truly sets itself apart is its unparalleled ability to turn petrol into noise and speed in astonishingly exciting fashion. And that’s before we even talk about the way it looks! And sounds! Mine’s a Performante because frankly, my 7 year-old self would never forgive me if I chose anything else.

My wildcard pick: Porsche 911 by Singer

For my wildcard pick, I’ve decided that I want the single most exquisitely built motorcar that money can buy. For me that immediately shortens the list to 3: the Rolls Royce Phantom, the Pagani Zonda (any of them, but ideally an F roadster), and my pick: the Singer 911. Or ‘911 re-imagined by Singer’ or whatever they’re obliged to call it for legal reasons.

Singer, for those of you not familiar, is a small company in California who provide a rather special service: if you give them a 1989-94 Porsche 911 donor car, and a cheque with many zeroes on, they in return will build you the ultimate 911. They borrow the best engine from this year, and the best body shape from that year. They fit modern suspension and proper brakes, and then they finish it with the highest level of detailing imaginable. I truly don’t think there’s anything better looking on four wheels, inside or out. And the best part is this is a work of art that you can use all the time: it doesn’t have a thousand horsepower, it isn’t 4 metres wide, and it could even be described as understated. You could leave it parked in the street and most people would walk straight past it, oblivious to the fact that it's a million dollar masterpiece.

So there you have it. Probably the best 3 car list ever written. Let’s see what these other chaps have gone for:

Ben Hodges

Ben is first at bat. In the world of motoring journalism, he may well be the pound-for-pound king of BMW knowledge, so I reckon I can guess what badge his daily will wear. But who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us:

Ben's daily driver: BMW M5 Competition (F10)

'Why? That V8 twin-turbo motor and all that practicality, with nearly 200mph of speed and one of the best rear wheel drive chassis on offer, the M5 F10 is the only daily I’d ever want.'

Ben's weekend car: McLaren 720S

'The 720S is the only weekend car you could ever want. Capable of ‘jump to lightspeed’ pace with that burbling V8 behind your ear, I mean, who wouldn’t want one. Despite all of the massive pace on offer, the big Macca is possibly the easiest to drive supercar ever built. Lastly, it looks f**king cool and its British, what more could you want.'

Ben's wildcard pick: TWR Volvo 850 (BTCC)

'Because it’s a Volvo estate, meaning it’s so cool that I’d deserve a knighthood for owning one. Plus you can drive it around yelling “Rydell” everytime you attack a corner in a shopping centre carpark.'

- Nice picks from Ben! It’s worth noting that he was just out driving the all-new F90 M5 the other day. When I asked him why he’s gone for the previous F10 iteration on his list, he said that the old car is just a bit naughtier and more aggressive. Great shout with the McLaren, way to make me feel like a massive p**sy for nearly picking it’s baby brother 570. As for that wildcard, holy shit. That might be the single coolest thing I’ve ever read. RESPECT.

Mike Fernie

Up next is your friendly neighbourhood mechanical engineer, Mike. Expect some slightly left-of field picks, chosen for their engineering innovation and oily goodness.

Mike's daily driver: BMW M5 (E60)

'I can never say no to a V10. So for BMW to slot a 5.0-litre V10 into the M5 at a time when that engine layout was being used in Formula 1 makes the Noughties super saloon truly unique. It drinks oil and devours transmissions but being an engineer, I kind of like that sort of thing.'

Mike's weekend car: Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II

'The greatest hot hatch of all time and the greatest road car I've ever driven. 'Nuff said.'

Mike's wildcard pick: Jaguar XJ220

'I'm being torn apart between the V6 twin-turbo Jag and the Porsche Carrera GT but seeing as I already have a V10 in the garage, it's the record-breaking XJ220 that takes the halo car spot for me. 549bhp, rear-wheel drive and massive Venturi tunnels are an unbeatable '90s combo.'

- Now here’s a man who knows what he likes! Interesting that he’s gone one earlier than Ben with his M5 pick but you can see why: we’ll never see a V10 super saloon ever again. As for picking a Delta Integrale as his weekender, that should automatically earn him some sort of petrolhead blackbelt.

James King

Moving on to James who again, is under strict orders not to choose three Pandas. James owns a Fiat Panda 100hp and adores it, even though his relationship with it does seem to be similar to that of a damaged housewife and her abusive husband. James is the housewife. Anyway, let’s see what he goes for:

James' daily driver: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

'Because I can have the dream badge without having the RAC membership.'

James' weekend car: Fiat Panda 100hp

'Because it only runs on the weekend'

James' wildcard pick: Ferrari F50

'Because it is the perfect combination of nostalgia, driving experience, sound and bravado.'

- Well, he only chose one Panda and off the strength of his other picks, we’ll allow it. Not surprised to see a second vote for the Giulia, If I’d asked the chaps on another day, I reckon it could easily have swept the daily driver category.

Tom Langan

Last but not least, we come to Tom, who seems to have gone in an entirely different direction to everyone else on this:

Tom's daily driver: Range Rover Sport SVR

A money-no-object garage should omit an obscene combination of brute force and cocky opulence. For me, the Range Rover Sport SVR is the only choice. The proletariat might not notice your optioned red aluminium gearshift paddles, but they will notice their hopes and dreams squished by the 700nm of torque on offer as you rip past in a cloud of your own smugness.

Tom's weekend car: Mk1 Eunos Roadster

'Stripped and slammed - The polar opposite of the SVR, the Eunos would deliver driving pleasure in a way that wouldn't incur the wrath of the po-po or jealous key-wielding vandals in car parks. It's the Japanese variant, so back it into roundabouts safe in the knowledge you've got an LSD at your disposal. Pop some JDM stickers on for scene points.'

Tom's wildcard pick: 1969 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA

Absolutely no explanation required. Just Google it (keeping one hand free), and thank me later.

- Really cool, very personal choices here. I myself often sit in a cloud of my own smugness, but only after I’ve had a curry. To my shame I had to google the Eunos – it’s literally just the Japanese version of the MX-5, and as he said, the limited slip diff is the key difference – the other being major nerd points at car meets. He’s played an absolute blinder with that wildcard too – I maintain that nothing is prettier than the Singer, but that little Alfa is right up there in terms of sheer ‘want one’ factor.

Do you disagree? Of course you do! So tell us your 3 picks in the comments below and in a few days I shall compile a list featuring the best picks from you, the Drivetribe community.

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Comments (67)

  • Daily : m5

    Weekend : portofino

    Wild card : David Brown speedback Silverstone edition

      2 years ago
  • Daily: Guilia Quadrifoglio

    Weekend: 2010 Corvette ZR1

    Wild Card: Toyota Supra JZA80

      2 years ago
  • Daily Audi RS4 B7 Avant (V8 power and perfect for everyday)

    Weekend Ferrari 360CS (the last great Ferrari in my eyes, certainly the last great looking one - has to have the £5k optional stripe)

    Wildcard - ‘71 Dodge Challenger Scatpack

      2 years ago
  • Daily driver: Renault espace f1 (if it counts)

    Weekend driver: pagani huyara bc

    Wildcard: one of the original Porsche 901

      2 years ago
  • Daily: BMW E92 M3

    Weekend: Porsche Carrera GT

    Wildcard: Ferrari 250 GTO

      2 years ago


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