Office engine build

Right here, on the carpet. with drinks and snacks. Monster.

4y ago

This is epic, especially if you're a bit retarded, as I am. It's suitable for ages 10-plus, which is ideal. I'm 54.

It's the Haynes (of DIY car repair manual fame) V8 engine kit, which is not an actual engine that will run on hydrocarbons, but rather a sort of educational toy driven by a small electric motor but that demonstrates how valve and ignition timing, the combustion cycle, blah blah blah, all work. The spark plugs will spark, the pistons will go up and down. Solid.

Inside the box with the pant-wettingly exciting brightly coloured illustration are over 250 parts in coloured, clear and plated plastic, along with screws and what have you. It's brilliant. Worthy of an unboxing video, to be honest, and maybe I'll do one.

The plan is for Hammond and I to build it one evening, keeping a photographic record as we go, so that when it's sold at one of those high-class 'car and automobila' auctions in years to come it will be worth up to £3.00, owing to its desirable provenance.

All we need is: a couple of screwdrivers, side cutters to remove the parts from the sprues, an emery board or the like to remove any rough edges, a bottle of London gin, another bottle or two of an admirably acidic and unoaked French white wine (possibly a Sancerre), and a Chinese take-away.

The great thing about this is that it's all screw, press and snap-together, so once done it would be possible to take it apart again and let someone else have a go.

Disassembly is the reverse of the above, as Haynes have never been able to say before. Report back for updates.

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Comments (154)

  • I want to see video of you guys building it. And Clarkson smashing it

      4 years ago
  • I worry for the carpet; new, still awash in the soil-control additives sprayed on by a giant atomization gun controlled by a nice woman named Gladys....How will it survive the flatulence of two men with gin induced gastrocolic reflex?

      4 years ago
  • Please do a Facebook live thingy of the assembling of this!

      4 years ago
  • James May, The Reassembler Series 3 sneak peak?

      4 years ago
  • Oh please record this on video!!!

      4 years ago