- 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JL

Official images of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

At SEMA in Las Vegas, Jeep showed three images of the next generation Wrangler. It is rumored to get new tech, yet remains wonderfully old-school.

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If all goes to plan, the brand-new Wrangler will be launched at the LA Auto Show in a few weeks. For now, Jeep released three images of the fourth generation Wrangler that goes by the code name JL, succeeding the current JK.

After worrying rumors about independent suspension and even a unibody construction, we are glad to learn that no unforgivable sacrifices were made at the altar of cost cutting. Until further notice, we only know there will be ‘dozens of different door, top, and windshield combinations’ and three engine options. That last bit has not been confirmed yet, but expect an upgraded 3.6 Pentastar V6 as the base engine, a more powerful turbocharged four-cylinder and a turbodiesel. that will finally make it to the US market A hybrid is also on the agenda, but will probably have to wait until 2019 or later.

On the outside the JL retains the classic Jeep look, but quite a number of changes are noticeable. The window frames have changed for instance and the front fenders provide cooling for the engine bay. It is still possible to fold down the - more steeply reclined -windshield, but the A-pillars and roll cage stay in place, simplifying the process and providing extra safety.

The front turn signals moved to the fenders - joined by LED daytime running lights - and the top of the grille is slightly raked, mimicking the front-end of other members in the Jeep family. The round headlights are slightly bigger and hopefully provide better light than the two embers in the JK.

The updated interior gets a larger infotainment screen, but we also spotted a manually-activated transfer case, a manual transmission and a hand-brake lever. For those who don’t know what that is, please leave Texas Truck Tribe immediately and do not return until you made a pilgrimage to Moab or the Rubicon Trail.

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  • Ooh, I think I want one. Is that bad?

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    • Your two colleagues might think so. But what do they know? I want one too. And a Viper ACR...

        3 years ago