Official: Uber will build an electric car

In collaboration with UK tech firm Arrival, Uber will launch its first electric car

4d ago

If you thought that Uber is just a taxi app then think again, because the firm is teaming up with UK tech firm Arrival to build its first electric car in the European market.

It will be called the 'Arrival car' and the final design will be revealed later this year. For now, initial renderings have been released and things are looking good.

Inside you can see a medium-sized touchscreen, a cupholder and some very nice ambient lighting. The dashboard design looks similar to the one found in the Tesla Model 3.

Tom Elvidge, Arrival’s senior vice president said: “Arrival Car will be designed around drivers’ needs to create a vehicle that is affordable, durable and desirable. We have had great success working alongside key partners to create our best-in-class delivery van, and we hope to replicate that success with Uber.”

The Arrival car will be built highly automated micro factories which will have a small carbon footprint. After making “hundreds of small improvements, changes, and tweaks to the design that perhaps haven’t been applied before" according to Tom, the car will be unveiled in 2023.

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Comments (2)

  • Does Drivetribe actually proof read its blog? Current pole say's "90% of people won't buy a car made by UBER". Well genius, its not made by UBER. Its made by a company called Arrival, which is a BRITISH based transportation company creating a EV platform for vans, buses and now cars. They just went public with one of the highest flotations of any UK company in the last ten years and probably the most exciting thing to happen to the British automotive industry since McLaren!

      4 days ago
    • Hello Paul,

      The poll has been made by me and it is my bad that the second option of the poll didn’t update. I meant to say Uber ‘and Arrival’

        4 days ago