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Photo Malene Raith
"Be aware, when you activate Race mode all safety features, like ESP, will be off ..." the nice guy from Alfa Romeo explains to me.
"Ah, not to worry. I don’t really feel like racing the small winding roads today," I reply honestly, eagerly shaking my head.
Yeah right. I might have told him the truth at the moment, but only a few seconds later I change my mind.
For as soon as I place my butt in the leather seat, locate the red button on the steering wheel and start the deep humming engine of Alfa Romeo Giulia Q, something happens to my personality.
All rational thoughts vanish into thin air as the adrenaline starts to roll in my veins. This machine is much more than a beautyful car, it lifts my spirit as it goes directly into my bloodstream. I want more.

"This machine is much more than a beautyful car, it lifts my spirit as it goes directly into my bloodstream. I want more."


The first Alfa Romeo Giulia saw the light of day back in 1962.
At the time the car was, just like today, a very important model for Alfa Romeo, and produced in more than 1 million copies until 1977. It was one of the first mass-produced cars, that combined high-performance engine with a lightweight sedan, and this made it very dynamic and vibrant.
Today (Alfa) Romeo produce its RWD Juliet at a factory outside Rome, and the platform is obviously quite new.
Dynamic driving has always been part of Alfa Romeos dna, and the new Giulia is indeed no exception. But if you really crave that sense of raw racing, it is the one with Quadrifoglio, the small four clover, on the side, you want.
Q is today only put on Alfa Romeos extreme cars, (formerly the QV), while the high performance cars, with about 250 horsepower, gets a V (for Velocce).
I buzz into Copenhagen City with Giulia in normal mode. It is definitely both comfortable and fresh enough, but as I receive several thumbs up from my surroundings, I get the courage to put it in Dynamic.

Giulia Q instantly becomes more awake, the pedal more responsive and the steering wheel tighter. And as I go all in, and put it in Race mode, I really need to start pay attention to what I do. And be oh so gentle with my foot on the pedal.
It’s so responsive now, that it only takes a small cough to send it down the street in warpspeed, and although I love the sound of the angry engine, I quickly decide to leave both the city and Race Mode, after running sideways through a busy intersection, amusing a gaping crowd of tourists.
Giulia is a beautiful well-balanced lady to cruise along in at a leisurely pace. I enjoy the large steering wheel in leather, the carbon fiber and aah, alcantara. Three materials, which are repeated on the seats, instrument panel and center console along with the beautiful red stitching.

The navigation and intertainment system are easily controlled by a knob in the middle. Also the six manual gear slides easily with the large round shift knob, but as soon as the traffic loosens up I sneak into Race Mode again.
RPM goes emmediatly up, the body gets tough again and the wheel razor sharp. The engine roars as I race down the motorway with a smile from ear to ear and endorphins running in my blood. Giulia Q is vibrant and great out here, but speeding is not the only fun.
It's the driving characteristics, the precise steering and the attention it demands of the driver. And so I end up, well, racing the small winding countryside roads.

"I quickly decide to leave both the city and Race Mode, after running sideways through a busy intersection, amusing a gaping crowd of tourists ..."


Because it is so fantastic to drive Alfa Romeo Giulia Q through curves, send it jumping over small hills and tight around corners. This is absolutely the best rollercoaster ride, I have had for a long time, but it also requires that I keep my eyes open, concentrate on what I do and never become overconfident.
Alfa Romeo Giulia is a beautiful, comfortable and well-running large car with plenty of room in both the front and rear seats.

And with a Q on the side the elegant company car turns into a fantastic raw racingmachine, that can challenge even the most skilled drivers.
Forget lean-back racing where mechanics does it all for you. Giulia Q, just like many other women, requires your attention, but if do what she expect from you, she will reward you fully with an extraordinary driving experience, that won’t leave your body right away.
The slogan for the Italian automaker is "La meccanica delle emozioni," mechanics of emotions, and that describes perfectly the new warmblooded Italian lady, Alfa Romeo Giulia Q.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Q 2.9 V6
Horsepower: 510
Top speed: 307 km / h
0-100 in 3.9 seconds

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Comments (2)
  • AWD is no problem with Alfa Romeo Giulia - go for the Veloce, it's as much fun as it is beautiful :)

    2 years ago
  • Never had an Alfa. They say every petrolhead should own one, but I think the old reliability reputation scares me off a bit. I quite fancy an Abarth, which has very similar DNA to the Alfa, but I don't really want to give up AWD.

    2 years ago


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