Oh Goodwood how I've missed you!

Which car would you take home from the Goodwood meet if you had the choice?

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Goodwood is like a second home to me. I've been coming here since 1998 and joined the Road Racing Club as soon as it was an option. So when my favourite event, Goodwood Members Meet, was cancelled last year it was quite a blow. My tickets are still sitting on the bookcase waiting for the rescheduled date in October this year. I've really missed this place! When Goodwood announced they would host a members only breakfast club meet I was determined to go, especially as they invited me to display my car.

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Goodwood usually host several themed breakfast clubs throughout the year but after a year in lockdown and so many events to catch up on, that wasn't going to be possible for 2021. This would be the one and only breakfast club held at the circuit in 2021. As such the decision was made that it should be open only to GRRC members. What's more, rather than following a set theme of supercars or classics etc, it would instead showcase the huge variety of cars owned by members.

The Supercars

The Classics

The Modern

The Weirdo's

The Wow Factor!

Where else can you see everything from a Ferrari Monza to a Morris Minor parked alongside each other? A fabulous mix of cars as always but the best thing about Goodwood is the relaxed friendly atmosphere, not just at the circuit but at the clubhouse up the road where many attendees, Mclaren Senna included, wound up for lunch. It's also the second weekend in a row I've seen a Mclaren Senna; I'm starting to think they're common! When it comes to which car I would take home, I'm hovering between the Aston DBR1 in the cover photo, the Maserati 4000 Monza special race car and the Austin Healey 100m. It's a tough call but I think the winner for me is the DBR1, it might not outrun a modern supercar but it has them all beaten in the style stakes! Which car would you take home?

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