Ohio Senator Drives During Zoom Call While Discussing Distracted Driving Ban

Welcome to an abject case in hypocrisy

4w ago

Oh, boy, this is gonna be stupid: there's a senator in Ohio who went on a Zoom meeting that talks about a distracted driving law while driving. I didn't stutter.

This little slice of irony has been circulating for about four days now after an initial report from the Columbus Dispatch on 3 May, which shows Andrew Brenner (R-Delaware) clearly trying and failing to hide the fact that he's both on video call and driving his car at the same time.

Brenner starts innocently enough, with his car still parked at the start of the call. But as the meeting progressed (full footage here), he turns his camera on and off repeatedly, trying to set up the background to ensure it doesn't look like he's driving while on a telecommute or anything silly like that.

Now, this would have been mostly a novelty if he just let it slide -- for the most part, the other participants didn't bat an eyelid -- but Brenner's defence of his actions only make it worse.

“I wasn’t distracted. I was paying attention to the driving and listening to it,” Brennerreckons, adding that this is something he normally does. "Phone calls for the most part but on video calls, I'm not paying attention to the video. To me, it's like a phone call."

But that's just an egghead take if you think about it, really. It's even doubly idiotic considering the law he was deliberating on. House Bill 283 (screenshot above) wants to ban "writing, sending or reading texts, viewing videos or taking photos, live streaming and using applications while driving." You and I can tell that Brenner did just that, and yet somehow, he gets to have a say in this matter. Rather strange, doesn't it?

Naturally, just about every commenter is ripping Brenner a new one after this stunt of his. And why wouldn't anyone be? People have been ticketed for far less, and the rationalization didn't help Brenner's case at all -- if anything, that just proves them right.

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Comments (28)

  • Typical politician, wants to make rules but not follow them.

      1 month ago
    • Worse is, they get away with that BS and other ordinary citizens vote for them anyway.

        1 month ago
    • 1 month ago
    • He wants to ban distracted driving for others, but not for himself.

      "Is it possible to learn this power?"

      Not from a law-abiding normal citizen.

        1 month ago
    • Only with the use of the dark side.

        1 month ago
  • If everyone drove MG Midgets or Miatas there would be no distracted driving 😂. People would be too wrapped up in driving!

      1 month ago
    • I only use the MG and Miata as an example, many cars are just too fun to drive that it’s impossible to be doing anything else.

        1 month ago
    • If everyone drove MGs there wouldn't be any driving bc they would've all broken down lol

        1 month ago
  • Letter to the rest of the world from the USA. For a very long time we had a moderate case of hypocrisy. It has now turned into a bad case of stupidity. Sorry about this, we are working on a cure, please be patient. Thank you.

      1 month ago
    • Filipino here. Please get your shit together so that we can send the Eagle-Signal again. China’s getting real prissy now. At least you guys are more subtle with the neocolonialism.

        1 month ago
    • Unfortunately, it'll be a bit more difficult to turn the MRAPs into taxis after the war...

        27 days ago
  • That hero image gif 👏😂

      1 month ago