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Ohio Woman Tests “Faith In God” While Driving, Crashes

PSA: please don't argue about religion in the comments

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There are many reasons why reckless driving persists. Most of the time, it's because someone is drunk, distracted by some gadget, or both. Other times, it's deliberate. In this case, God might be to blame. Or not.

CBS affiliate 19 News Cleveland reported on an incident in Beachwood, Ohio six days ago involving a woman and her 12-year-old daughter who ran a red light, sheared a bumper clean off another car, before careening into a house. While the red car in the video lost an entire bumper, the house only sustained minor damages.

When apprehended by the police, the woman said she “let go and let God take the wheel”, driving 120mph to "test her faith in God." Having been through "trials and tribulations" (she got fired from her job before this incident), the woman told officers that she "let her fear go and went for it". Also, she had a glass of wine seven hours earlier.

While the woman is yet to be charged and thus hasn't been named yet, she is set to face a grand jury for assault with a deadly weapon (her Ford Taurus) and child endangerment, among other charges. It's also just such a galling thing to do, especially in front of one's child, as the other 500 comments on Jalopnik can attest.

More remarkably, this isn't the first time some tried supplanting skill with religion.

Jalopnik cites two similar "Carrie Underwood incidents" last year in Pennsylvania (which resulted in injuries) and in 2018 that saw a man roll his truck five times in Tennessee. This proves that a car crash is definitely a strange way to prove one's faith.

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Comments (51)

  • A glass of wine literally doesn't have any effects after several hours, I'd say pure stupidity is to blame

      8 days ago
  • Does this mean she's not coming on then?

      7 days ago
  • DAMN!!! That was butt-clenching to watch 👀 Can somebody says to those people not to test their luck outside a lab or a proving ground?

      7 days ago
  • There is something which is technically difficult for me: if God has taken the wheel, where was the lady sitting? And the other question as well: if she had a glass of wine several hours earlier, what was it? Because I would like to have the same one if the effect lasts for 7 hours!!!!

      7 days ago
  • I guess her life wasn't exciting enough. Is now!

      8 days ago