Oil Catch Can Install on Mk2 SEAT Leon Cupra

An important, and sometimes overlooked component for modded cars - the humble, but effective oil catch can.

An Oil Catch what?

I don't often speak about modifications - in fact, this may be the first time - but my Mk2 SEAT Leon Cupra, otherwise known as 'Leo' has a fair few modifications. The Forge Motorsport Oil Catch Can is one of the latest, but what exactly is an oil catch can? Well, the clue's in the name; it's a can that catches oil, as well as other contaminants. The car, as standard, is fitted with a PCV Valve, which serves a few functions, one of which is to remove crankcase gasses from the engine.

One drawback of this, is that is take oil vapour and then simply feed it back in to your intake manifold, meaning you will get carbon build up over time. As much as I would like to go all Jason Fenke on your asses, I simply don't have his knowledge, plus I want to keep things as basic as possible. Put simply, carbon build up is BAD!

The purpose of the oil catch can is to trap these contaminants and to stop them creeping back in to your engine, which could cause issues down the line. Leo is running a Stage 1 map from AmD Tuning in Essex, and was pushing out 326hp. I say WAS, as I've added more mods since and I reckon he's pushing out even more now. The engine is currently in good health and I want to keep it that way, hence the decision to fit the Oil Catch Can.

What's in the kit?

Having had great service when I got the short shifter, I once again turned to Forge Motorsport for the catch can kit and when I inspected the items I was very impressed with the quality. As well as the catch can, the kit comes with a new windscreen washer filler neck, various hose clips, two braided breather hoses and a blanking cap for the intake manifold. If you want to purchase the kit for yourself then check out this link: www.forgemotorsport.co.uk/Oil_Catch_Tank_System_for_20_Litre_FSi--product--7.html

How is it fitted?

Ah, I thought you'd never ask - check out the video below

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