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Oil change complete!

I haven't changed my own oil in a few years. But, with COVID I am trying to minimize exposure to the outside world, so I decided to change the oil on my MK7 Golf myself. And, I didn't feel like crawling under the car and removing the plastic underbody cover, so I got an oil extractor. I pumped the oil out of the dipstick hole. It worked really well. The whole process -- including warming up the car, changing the oil, changing the filter, and going for a short drive afterward -- only took about 35 minutes. That's about how long it would usually take to drive to the local greasepit, wait in line, get the oil changed, and drive home. So... basically the same amount of time as paying someone else to do it, but without needing to actually interact with anyone. Not bad!

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  • How well did that oil extractor work? Was it expensive? Seems like that would be a much more pleasant process if you didn't have to crawl under the car.

      10 months ago
    • It cost $75 on Amazon. It is mostly made of plastic, but it feels high quality. I think it took approximately 3 minutes to pump out 5.7 quarts of oil. I am really happy with it.

      My oil filter is also accessible from under the hood, so I was able to...

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        10 months ago
    • As is mine. I may just want to pick one of those up. I hope they last a long time. Sure must be very convenient.

      At any rate, it's cheaper than a jack that goes low enough to fit under my car without driving on wooden blocks first.

        10 months ago
  • Not bad at all! That's probably about what it takes me on the Sienna, and that's with getting it up on ramps (rear wheels chocked) and getting under it. I guess having an extractor wouldn't help, as I'd still have to crawl under to change the filter.

      10 months ago
  • By the way, when editing in the mobile app or mobile browser, is there a way to add a title to a post?

      10 months ago