We look at the most fuss-free way to remove your oil filter

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A simple oil change is one of the most essential pieces of maintenance you can perform on your vehicle. Whist it can be a relatively straightforward procedure, changing your oil filter can prove to be quite the speedhump, this may be caused by the filters location, making it hard to get to, or spun on just that little bit too tight during its last change.

We’ve all seen the different tips and tricks to removing a stubborn oil filter, whether it be the hit-or-miss oil filter strap, or the dreaded screwdriver “trick” (we do NOT recommend this). However, nothing beats having the right tools for the job on hand for a smooth, stress-free oil filter change.

You’ll find that most modern vehicles utilise a spin-on or cartridge type oil filter. Ryco spin-on and cartridge oil filters are designed with a number of flutes on the bottom of the filters housing. Ryco Spin-On and Cartridge Filter Removal Cups are made from high-quality cast aluminium. Our removal cups form to the filter’s flutes, acting as a socket for your oil filter. We also have filters that feature unique flutes (e.g. Z9, Z89A, Z516, Z416) that other generic tools struggle to remove, making our cups a must-have for the job. Ryco Spin-On and Cartridge Filter Removal Cups also feature a 1/2” drive fitting and hex fitting, allowing you to attach your socket wrench or spanner for added leverage when removing and refitting your vehicle’s oil filter.

For the automotive technicians out there, our RST200 Filter Removal kit is the perfect addition to your tool chest. The RST200 Filter Removal kit features eight 1/2” drive removal cups designed specifically to suit all Ryco unique fluted spin on filters and spin-on can sizes from 65mm to 101mm diameter, including two exclusive sizes to the kit, a 3/8” drive adjustable removal tool, and a Hex wrench, all of which come housed in a durable purpose-molded carry case. With the RST200 Filter Removal kit, you ensure that you always have the right oil filter removal tool at hand.

Ryco Spin-On and Cartridge Filter Removal Cups come available in an assortment of sizes to suit a wide range of oil filters. To match your vehicle’s oil filter to one of your removal cups, simple visit our website at the link below and enter your oil filter part number into our handy Cup Search function.

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