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- This is a full-on race car with FIA-approved cabin structure and full-on racing aero.
- It's not street legal, and also isn't eligible to race with the Ford Multimatic GTs out there now.
- But with its roof-mounted scoop reminding us of the GT40s ofthe '60s, and that big wing, track day is going to be fun.
- Which brings us to my friend's newest acquisition - this Liquid Blue color is so reminiscent of the color on race-winning GT40s of the '60s.
- The turbo V-6 exhausts through these twin pipes nestled in its tapered tail under the rear wing.
- A good look at how aero the GT is, the tail tapering under the active rear wing, the carbon fiber body over an aluminum structure.
- Twin venturi channels 'tween fender and center tail funnel air to help downforce as part of a classic teardrop shape.
- The headlight shape is also reminiscent of the GT40s.
- More aero, the side mirrors on carbon fiber wings.
- The intercooled twin-turbo V-6 breathes through these side pods, as you get a god look at the aero betwwen fenders and tapered tail.
- Power under glass.
- Carbon fiber front air dam and aero.
- Inboard dampers and huge cross-drilled carbon ceramic brakes, plus more aero downforce from the carbon fiber side sills.
- The interior is basic sand business-like, simple controls to handle active aero and engine - this owner is tall, so there's a custom driver's seat for more room.
- Swing-up butterfly doors
- A close-up of the racing-style steering wheel with needed controls a fingertip away. A rotary control on the left of the suede and carbon fiber wheel adjusts driving mode. Turn signals are small black buttons. Wipers are another rotary control on rig.
- A rotary transmission control. The owner is tall, so there's a special driver's seat for more leg room.
- Can't see much of the engine, but what's there is lovely in alloy.
- It's not a V-8, but the turbo V-6 has a nice snarling idle.
- Farewell GT.....

OK, by now, you've all seen the new/last-of-the-line Ford GT Mk II - 400% more downforce than the base GT, 300 pounds lighter and a 700+ hp 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6. Only 45 will be built, track day specials only. But what if you have one of the street-legal 647-hp versions?

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