OK, so when we say we're travelling the world with a tent, we are but there's a lot of other stuff to go with it - all of that small town, including the lights. You should see the size of the bag it all goes in.

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    • Yeah, Thais. We dare your brit wit to confront our naive optimism and shitty roads. Nature is always surprising and forget about the cars. You've already had a taste of South America, complete the cycle!

        3 years ago
    • Come to Brazil !

        3 years ago
    • And even as big as the bag is that those all go into, Andy Wilman will still try to take it as carry-on onto the plane instead of checking it to save a few bucks.

        3 years ago
    • Richard you are man of good humour. I have an idea of a road trip At minimum prices. Starting in England and finishing in oviously Amsterdam. Not hard at all, but on second hand mopeds would be an experience camping at certain points of interest and testing affordable bikes for those guys e.g me who cannot afford to learn to drive and get insurance for the first time... Bikes have always been my only way of transport and it's great untapped potential for a good film! Having only have had bikes knowing the problems that's are involved would be great fun... I'm too poor to afford to do this road trip with my friends so do it for me.! Then James can finish in Amsterdam with some culture and have a joint.... James I know

        3 years ago
    • I bet it doesn't go back in the original bag it came in though.... #joyofcamping

        3 years ago


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