Okinawa, Japan | The Cars and the military

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LIVING IN OKINAWA IS DIFFERENT THAN LIVING IN THE REST OF JAPAN. All of Japan is filled with the most ridiculously awesome car scene anyone could ever imagine but in Okinawa two different cultures of car enthusiasts smash together. Okinawa holds the largest presence of US military personnel in Japan and that just makes for an even more diverse car scene. The US military opens its doors from time to time and invites anyone on the island on to the base.

Futenma Flight Line Fair is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Here you can find everything from fighter jets to Skylines and NSXs. Events like this really bring the local community together with the US military. One thing I have noticed in my time as a lover of cars is that no matter what country you are from or what religion you believe in the car culture is one thing that can bring anyone together. Here is my video from this amazing event. Thanks for watching everyone!

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