Ol' Henry's Truckin' Right On Through (Part 1)

M​akeover of a previously customized brand-new Matchbox release: 1954 Kaiser Henry J Gasser

T​his custom diecast started life as this brand-new Matchbox Collectibles release, rolling on Hot Wheels Real Riders and sporting an opening front flipnose & superb detail.

T​o say the least, I wasn't crazy about the factory color, nor for its skimpy painted detail, nor how the rusted rear wheels looked. So I took the diecast apart to redo it.

I​nterior & Base

T​he interior was painted to look like a factory Kaiser "Blue Satin" paint job remaining on the rear deck & dash, with color-coded fiberglass bucket seats, detailed dashboard, safety harnesses, blanked-out rear seat, detailed shifter for a B&M Hydramatic transmission, and even detailed steering wheel & tachometer. I have since added a chrome roll bar and a rear push bar to these parts. Tires have since been changed out, to large drag slicks in the back, and white letter Firestone DOT-treads up front. And the engine was detailed to the hilt.

F​lip Nose

T​he flip nose, after it was stripped of original paint, was painted/textured to resemble black gelcoated, chopper-gun fiberglass of the type used by mail-order parts houses in the 60s/70s, the grille bar was all detailed out, and lighting detail was painted on. (I have since painted over the turn signals & made the Kaiser grille emblem more accurate)

T​he Body

T​he body was stripped of its ugly orange paint, surface-prepped, seams/cast lines removed, and sprayed in Dupli-Color "Hot Rod Grey" automotive primer. I will be detailing out the door & trunk handles, taillights, backup lights, and firewall, and may add some oil or auto parts logos in places they might be found on a real Henry J gasser.

S​tay tuned for Part 2!

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