Old JDM v's New JDM part 2.

1w ago

Which do you prefer from this group of JDM cars, old JDM or newer JDM cars and why?

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  • old

      13 days ago
  • Old v's new JDM which do you pick and why? @tribe

      13 days ago
  • old because they are cooler and there were more technological advancements for the time that we take for granted today added to those cars

      12 days ago
  • Old. They just have more character to me. When a VTEC didn’t have a turbo, u just had to put ur foot to the firewall and extract all those revs and power. The times when your car had a turbo but the term turbo lag was still used, yea it wasn’t good but that was the character, trying to keep the revs and boost up was the enjoyed challenge. Having to find the peaks and the lows of the engine. The new cars are technically better in every sense , but a R35 GTR will never have the character and you will not find the same involvement and joy from overcoming the shortfalls as you would in say a Kenmeri or RS Turbo

      13 days ago
  • All old bar the lc500, supra and fk8

      13 days ago