Old Lady Treated The Parking Lot Like Bumper Cars Until The Airbags Deployed

1y ago


Aging, it's an unfortunate thing. Your senses get dulled, your reaction time slows, and everything just aches like all hell. When it comes to aging and driving, it just gets a lot worse. You drive slower, you become a bit more scared and helpless driving at night, and sometimes your health completely interferes with your driving to a violent and uncontrollable point.

Take a look at this 85 year old lady driving in a parking lot. We're not sure what kind of episode she was having, but for several very scary moments she treated her car and the Ralph's parking lot like bumper cars:

According to Fox LA, once the authorities came to the scene, the police "issued the driver a request for a priority re-evaluation by the DMV. The feeling they had was there could be a potential for other accidents in the future."

We're suspecting that the driver must have suffered some sort of stroke or a terrible health episode that caused her to not realize what she did. What do you think DriveTribers? Have you seen or heard something like this happening?

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Comments (18)
  • Old people and auto cars DO NOT MIX! get them off the bloody roads!

    1 year ago
  • It starts off as grossly careless, incompetent driving, then the damage is compounded as the now guilty driver attempts to flee the scene. End of story.

    1 year ago
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