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Old Little Cars sculptures

1y ago


When your car arrive at the end of its life, what you can do? Most of us will just drive it until the junkyard, say goodbye to it and then left our beloved car at its sad destiny, be tear apart for recycle all the useful bits and then smashed in a prefect cube of metal. Some people instead of it had different plans, trasforming them in amazing pieces of art.

Fiesta Transformer

Hetain Patel - Fiesta Transformer 2013

British artist Hetain Patel create using his 1988's Ford Fiesta this sculpture ispired by the Transformers franchise, whit the help of his dad he turned the old car in his first sculpture. Forget the powerfull movie's transformers, where Camaro, Pontiac and Hummer take the shape of mighty warriors robots, the ordinary Fiesta just become a calm and rather human one.

The Fiesta before the work, note the license plate, which look like it spell the word Family

That's a time lapse video of the making of which take six months:

and the link to the Huffington post article: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/19/hetain-patel_n_4124939.html

Dinosaur Beetle

Mutoid Waste Company- Dinosaur Beetle - photo by Mark Massey

A rusty Volkswagen Beetle instead of end is life in a junkyard is transformed in an amazing Stegosaurus by Mutoid Waste company a group of artists founded in west London in the 80's. They became famous for their metal welded sculptures made by part of cars, murales artwork and for their rock/reggae/acid house parties in abandoned buildings. Inspired by Mad Max's Movies they create various pieces of art across Uk, Germany and Italy. There's a lot of material about them, I will dedicate a post to this performance arts group soon. Here there's a link to wikipedia, for more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutoid_Waste_Company

Hung Out to Dry

Hung Out to Dry - Générik Vapeur- photo by Ingeborg

Some hatchbacks fresh painted hung out to dry, a colourfull installation build in the 2011 in Munster (Germany) for the art festival Flurstücke 011, by Générik Vapeur – Trafic d'Acteurs et d'Engins a collective of street artists who perform shows mixing music, theatre and engines. Founded in the 80's by Caty Avram and Pierre Berthelot.


I personally love street art performances, murales and installations like these, walking around the city, turn a corner and find them it's a pleasure. I'm always amazed by how it's possible create funny and beautiful pieces of arts using only junkyard stuff or everyday objects, like in these cases cars, giving them a new life and the capacity of surprise people.

Stay tuned for more example of cars on street arts!