Old meets new

4y ago

The Clio RS220 Trophy meets its predecessor, the normally aspirated Clio RS200 Cup.

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  • I was purely there as photographer for this shoot, but I have driven a Clio 3 200 Cup previously and got to ride in the 220 Trophy on that day. I much prefer NA cars to Turbos, and not a flappy paddle fan for road cars, but even from the passenger seat the 220 is a massive improvement over the 200 EDC (which I have driven). Much more planted, better seats, better punch, better sound inside. Very pricey here though for what is essentially a Polo competitor (sells for around AUD$45K on road when a basic Megane RS265 could be had for under $40K new).

    In terms of looks - hahaha to your comments! - it took a while for the Clio 4 to grow on me. I never really warmed to the facelifted Clio 3 200 as I much preferred the earlier 197's styling (flush exhaust tips too). I still adore my 182 Cup however... I'm short and the driving position is perfect for me, but I struggle to see out of the Clio 3 when I'm seated most comfortably. Raising the seat to enable better vision takes away the comfort and makes me feel more clumsy, but that won't be an issue for taller drivers. Driving position wasn't really an issue in the Clio 4 200 EDC I drove.

      4 years ago
  • How did they compare driving them?

      4 years ago
  • The new Clio, is a much better looking car. I would like some sort of badge or signage on the engine saying how special the car is supposed to be. The entire underside of the bonnet maybe? Saying "Aaaaaaaargh, I AM A BEAST" or something...

      4 years ago