14w ago

Old photo from when I changed injectors, stock on the right and brand new DAP 7X0.010 SAC injector on the left, with a nice view of the valvetrain because why not.

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  • Next is transmission lol. Seriously though, hope they work out for you. I have seen where just one bad injector after tearing down a motor was a bad egg, and although it doesn’t make a huge difference, it makes a noticeable one

      3 months ago
    • Transmission was already sorted a while ago. Definitely gonna need a new clutch before too long though. These were a needed upgrade, they are quieter than my stock injectors by a lot which really shouldn't be the case when switching to SAC...

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        3 months ago
    • Well good luck! It is pretty surprising that they are quieter, I would have thought the opposite. That clutch though, that’s going to be quite a project, but hope it works out for you

        3 months ago