"Old-School" 750Hp Ford RS200 Evo Rallycross Group B Monster

Steve Harris with his amazing Mark Rennison RS200 Group B Rallycross Replica

One of the biggest Stars in this year´s Retro Rides Gathering was the Ford RS200 Evolution of Steve Harris, a replica of the Mark Rennison Group B Rallycross Monster that raced in late 80´s and early 90´s, built to quite an extreme specification, with its Cosworth BDT-E here producing around 750Hp.

All this to move the light (1050Kg) Group B, 4 wheel drive machine, and propel it to a 0-100Km/h sprint in 2 seconds. As it is built to emulate a Classic Rallycross unit, it is still sporting the original staples of the RS200 model like twin-shock aborber suspension set-up as well as the roof installed intercooler.

Pretty much found in a barn 3 years ago ( forgotten and strangely with a "as good as new" engine unit), this LD Motorsport tuned unit is above all a way to still watch a "old-school" fire-breathing Monster in action once again in its more pure form. For that we have to thank Mr. Harris for accepting the invitation to attend the event and for driving properly this timeless Beast...

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