"Old-School" BMW Goodness - Screaming Inline 6 BMW E30 HillClimb Racer

Nicolas Cattin´s homemade E30 Monster show us all that made 80´s and 90´s BMW cars so great

This beautiful BMW E30 built and driven by Swiss hill climb racer Nicolas Cattin was one of the "homemade" Monsters by which we were most impressed lately. Originally a 325i road car, it is now transformed into a bona fide Hillclimb Racer fitted with a proper Inline 6 3.0L engine and a bespoke bodykit created by Mr. Cattin himself.

At Turckheim Hillclimb last year, this dark blue Monster showed some solid pace and made us remember how impressive the "Classic" BMW formula still is. Naturally Aspirated Inline 6 engine with a smooth but revvy character and surely over 300Hp, singing beautifully, coupled to a Rear Wheel Drive no nonsense lightweight architecture in what can´t be much over 1000Kg of weight. In an era where Turbos, electronics and humongous front grilles have become the norm in BMW products, it is always good to check out those who still rock the Old-School ways of the Bavarian manufacturer...

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