Old School Cool: Guiloy Ferrari 250 GTO Series II

The classic diecast car you didn't know you needed

1y ago

Sometimes, you just need to indulge yourself with a classic, vintage diecast model. This is Guiloy's 1/18 scale Ferrari 250 GTO Series II. This Ferrari was the bridge between the iconic 250 GTO and the later, and dare I say sexier, 250 LM. Three were originally built by Ferrari with bodies by Scaglietti in 1964, but four of the original 250 GTOs were updated to the Series II bodywork shortly after. One of those updated cars, Chassis 3413, was recently sold at RM Sotheby's 2018 Monterey auction for an eye-watering $48.4 million. I'm pretty sure you can buy entire countries for less.

It was after that auction that I began my hunt for one of these models. I had a couple of Guiloy 1/18 models in my collection already and I knew they were older, unsophisticated models. Think the old Italian Bburago's you had as a kid, only Guiloys were built in Spain. Unsurprisingly, these cars were hard to find at a decent price, thanks to the Ferrari Tax. Ferrari's are popular for a good reason, you know.

It took me a while to acquire this car, finally winning an auction for a dented box model that was still in new condition. As I mentioned before, this is a classic old-school diecast model. The "wire wheels" pop-on to visible retention hubs. The doors swing open on dog-leg hinges and your eyes are met with sticker gauges on the dash. All of the exterior grilles on the car are sealed and crazy plastic, without even a shred of intention to look real. None of the opening parts sit flush with the adjacent panels.

Don't think for a second that I'm dumping all over this model, because I'm not. This is what a car model is supposed to be. It has four wheels that turn and steer. The hood opens just like it does on the real car and you can look at an actual engine piece, plus latches on said hood. It is made of metal; something you would never think to appreciate. This model is just like the ones that helped me fall in love with cars as a kid. I love it.

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