OLD SKOOL DRiftING Teeside with Pedal cam & DRIFT ANGLE (both tracks)

4y ago
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- Old Skool Japanese Drifting, no wand tugs or clutch kicks.

Onboard Nissan S14a at Teeside Autodrome with FlatOut Factory. Video has pedalcam view and data overlay. Old Skool Japanese Style.

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  • As a 'non-conventional' drifter (I have been a circuit racers since 1990) my 'style' is very much old-school Japanese touge type drifting, just using speed and weight transfer. Hyrdaulic handbrakes (Hydros) and the use of 'clutch kicks' cam a little later but are now common in drifting. I thought it useful to see my foot moments as well as steering wheels movements to really get across what I am doing to initiate and to maintain the drifts. The Drift angle is via a gyro enabled DL1 from Race-Technology which does a reasonable job of estimating the actual body slip (drift) angle via the yaw sensor and using GPS heading.

      4 years ago