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Old Time Rock n' Roll

Are modern cars really the epitome of driving machines?

With manufactures all wound up around 0-60 times and beating one another around the Nürburgring, have they forgotten what the true petrol head wants from their car? If you ask an enthusiast what their favorite car to spend time in is, they would never reply with a vehicle that comes fitted with a particulate filter and electric power steering, or even a flappy-paddle gearbox, what a true driver craves on a Manx B-road, is a small, light, manual car, that doesn't shatter your spine into 6000 pieces on that road the DoI have gravelled, because they're too busy drinking tea to resurface.

Never does anyone step out of a Clio Williams or a Mk 1 Golf GTI after driving over the sloc and wish that it had more power, traction control or numb electric power steering, That's just not what the human, as a being, looks for in a driving machine. Although as far as pub chat is concerned 140 hp isn't sufficient, so a few more would never hurt anyone; except for those pesky few, who fall off every road they drive on.

Driving over The Mountain Mile, arguably the ideal car for the job is the Mclaren F1, call me a hypocrite for claiming that a car with more than 4.5 times the power of Clio Williams is the best machine for driving over the mountain in, but to me it's a fact. Driving is about the handler involvement, the firm handshake of a classic manual shift, the satisfying maneuver of a rev-match into third, admitting the Mk 1 GTI would adhere to these requests, everyone dreams of driving a Mclaren F1 over the Isle of Man's infamous derestrict mountain road. modern cars a lot of the time don't offer this to the driver, that guy in his Golf R, with its flappy-paddles and skill-less twenty-something year old, tattooed man driving, wont receive the driving rewards that your dad does in his traction controlless 1999 Z3 M Roadster.

You think you prefer your F80 M3 to an E36, but in some respects you don't, yes, it's the car that is quintessential for driving to work, but think about it, wouldn't you prefer to open the garage door on that crisp Sunday afternoon and be greeted by a 3.0 CSl Batmobile?

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  • Welcome to DriveTribe Harvey! I think modern car makers should take note of this

      1 year ago
  • Wouldn’t we all!

      1 year ago