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It has been a while since I'm working on aftermarket, redesigns, and recently I figured that some people might want to see older models mixed with new ones. Of course, this article shows you only the few Lamborghini models that I've been working on. Very fun to explore, to say the least but then is it just exploring? A famous tuner company here in the UK approached me to buy and build the countach model (Red) . I won't complain!

There has been a very special one-off Miura by Lamborghini, I know. This here, however, is different. An old classic, beautiful Miura given a Huracan facelift treatement. Why? I don't know.

Following the Miura, I thought that it would be good to go the youngest models. This Countach was next and the initial thought was to merge it with the Aventador SV. It was well received and is very probably being built. I won't complain.

How Can we miss the Diablo? No we can't. Purists disagrees? Anyway, this is the Diablo with the Murcielago SV treatement. My favorite our of all the bunch really.

I did mention that the Red Countach might be getting its own real life version. This led me to explore more with them and I came up with something a little more edgy. Perhaps this suits the Countach design cues more?

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