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  • Oliver is a legend.

    1 month ago
    2 Bumps
  • Oliver's Cousin back on it's wheels...1965 Kadett (flat grill), mechanicals next..& readying for 2019 season. Will post progress. Also a RHD car built in the same factory as Oliver... Port Elizabeth SA.

    2 months ago
    1 Bump
  • can't believe Oliver still lives on, but dont use a sponge on a car ever again

    3 months ago
    5 Bumps
  • Just watched a rerun of the Africa special. Surprised anything left of Oliver after James and Jeremy left their marks on it

    3 months ago
    3 Bumps
  • Oliver still is nice though

    3 months ago
    1 Bump


Diary of a Bicyclist Pt II...

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