Oliver Webb | The Story Of Taking A Production Car To 331MPH

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11w ago

Oli Webb (@oliverwebbracing) is the pro racing driver (usually LMP1) and he was the driver in the car when the SSC Tuatara allegedly broke the high speed production car record with one of those runs clocking 331mph!. After the record attempt a whole lot of media and controversy popped up and Oli gives us his take on the events as they unfolded.

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Show Notes:

00:00 = Intro

01:00 = Stunt driving and working on films

10:19 = Le Mans '20

14:05 = Fatherhood and risk taking?

16:12 = Hypercars at Le Mans

28:40 = What's the daily?

32:59 = The SSC Tuatara 331MPH Controversy

1:12:41 = American Cars in high speed records

1:17:00 = Bugatti Bolide and BOLD claims

1:27:02 = What's your favourite current supercar

1:28:45 = 5 Questions Revisited

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