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Olli Caldwell joins Prema for German and Italian F4 championship

1y ago


Despite only being 15 years-old, Olli Caldwell has already come a long way. After having taken his first steps in karting, he took part in the 2016 Ginetta Junior Championship, which was followed by graduating to single seater racing in 2017, entering the British F4 Championship with TRS Arden where he finished 14th overall. In addition, Caldwell competed in the United Arab Emirates Formula 4 series, scoring three wins.

To pursue his plan to become a Formula 1 driver one day, Caldwell is now working on his international breakthrough by joining Prema Theodore Racing to compete in both the German and Italian Formula 4 series this year.

Olli Caldwell will race in German and Italian F4 this year. ©Prema Theodore Racing

"I am extremely excited to be working with Prema for my 2018 season and am really looking forward to what I can achieve with such a great team. This is an amazing chance to make my International breakthrough, and with their superb on-track record, I can’t wait to be back on track to make it happen!", said Caldwell.

"In addition to his driving skills, he already has a good amount of experience with different cars and environments," added Team Principal Angelo Rosin added. "That’s quite impressive considering he is only 15. He has all that it takes to impress in 2018 - I can’t wait to see our team on-track to start preparations for the season ahead."


Caldwell's website: www.ollicaldwell.com

Twitter: twitter.com/ollicaldwell64

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ollicaldwell64

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ollicaldwell

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