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Long-time users of the site will now be very familiar with the black and white branding and blocky DriveTribe text at the top of the site.

However, in the same way a car occasionally needs a fresh lick of paint, the DriveTribe logo, too, needs a little TLC as the company grows and expands. We're always evolving our product, so it only makes sense to evolve our design alongside it.


The long and short of it – or, well, the short of it – is that we've added a box around the word DriveTribe. And then we've also created a 'pattern' design that incorporates the new logo. Designers, eh? I bet that took them months to come up with.

The simple reasoning for the box is that the logo becomes self-contained, meaning that it's more recognisable as a logo and can be used in more cases. As for the pattern design, we're really keen to show off our more playful side, which better represents us a company and our ethos going forward.

I want to know more!

So you're not satisfied with a simple "we put it in a box and made a pretty pattern"? Well, for you more inquisitive souls we've picked the brains of our designers to get some justification for their actions. Here's where it gets interesting.

The box design is a subtle but important change. Many of the best logos work well when you give the brand name and type font a little home to live in. Take the examples below – the UPS font looks cool but the letters are a little lost until you give it that iconic shield. Same goes for Fiat, the letters don't have much impact until they have a home.

"What about D_TRB?" I hear you cry. D_TRB is no more, instead replaced with a simple DT within the box. However, this should almost never be used, and will only ever be used when the full logo has already been shown. There's a funky animation that will happen on mobile where the logo shrinks at the top of the page (we'll launch this once our lovely developers have built it).

We're also introducing the pattern design for times when the full logo doesn't really work. As we mentioned previously, it shows our more playful side and better suits the direction of the brand. The pattern will be used in particular across our social media channels, because it fits the profile image boxes better.

The dos and don'ts of using our branding

So you want to use our logo? First things first: please ask our permission (you can just DM me) if you want to use the logos and any other trademarks. We attempt to accommodate this where we can, but we have to make sure it's used correctly, for example if you're implying endorsement where there isn't any or you're trying to make money with it.

Now the boring stuff is out the way, if you've got permission to use our logo, there are a few simple rules to follow:

That's the basics sorted. We're working on some more thorough guidelines to help you with this, meaning you'll have a clearer picture of what you can and can't do, courtesy of pretty pictures and diagrams.

Oh – and while we make the change you might still see the old logo in a few places so bear with us while we get it all brought up to date.

So there you have it. That's the new DriveTribe logo explained. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Ah. Hm. OK, a word in a box. Not the most memorable idea. And, as you may know, „UPS“ and „FIAT“ are abbreviations - so maybe you should compare your „DT“-logo with them. And that‘s my main criticism: The „D_TRB“-logo was the most recognisable version, differentiating, cool and with some kind of street-cred. Your „DT“ is… none of that. Yes, it will work great on 3x3mm on an iPhone-screen. But it doesn‘t transport character. Any character. There are hundreds of „DT“ logos on Google. And unfortunately your version reminds me of the german railway (sorry!) company… (By the way: Are we still allowed to shop the stuff in the store? Because nearly every single product in there shows forbidden logo usages… :-))

    3 months ago
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    • We've talked about the 'DT' version of the logo internally and we are on the same page as you. Currently the plan is to avoid it as much as possible. Right now, we only have it on web...

      Read more
      2 months ago
    • The idea was a lot more about a small improvement than a complete redesign.

      2 months ago
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  • 😀 Ordered half a dozen of these as bespoke DRIVETRIBE (with a box) Christmas pressies. This should show the children's more playfull side.If they come up with any interesting designs i shall post.

    Before the logo was changed I said it was lazy.A box has been added,really. Was the inspiration for the design a stamper laying around the office? Anyway just my opinion.Good luck with the "new" logo. 😉

    3 months ago


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