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On Ogling Alfas

Unlike the Tribe leader, I never engage in car spotting. Unless I see an Alfa.

3y ago

A few weeks ago your tribe leader wrote a helpful guide on car spotting. Not being a car spotter myself, I read it, laughed about these odd people, and that was it. Or so I thought ... Over the next few weeks, it was pointed out to me that I do indeed engage in car spotting in one specific case: where Alfas are concerned.

Not wanting to be lumped in with such odd people, I tried to argue my case: I am an artist after all, and I see beauty everywhere. Hence I feel compelled to point it out. It is through no fault of my own that most of the cars that meet my aesthetic requirements are indeed Alfas. Surely the car makers are at fault for producing very standard-looking cars, and leaving the art mostly to one company.

Your tribe leader was convinced by my arguments and agreed that I did not engage in car spotting. I was very happy! Instead She told me that I engaged in what she termed 'Alfa ogling'.

How rude! I don't ogle cars either! Just because I point out every Alfa I see everywhere, and squeak slightly when one drives past me, and consider my day immensely brightened once I have seen ... okay, okay, maybe I do a bit of ogling. But I do not car-spot!

You try not ogling and tell me how you get on!

You try not ogling and tell me how you get on!

Have you found yourself in a similar dilemma and want to ogle Alfas ... I mean, look at beautiful cars yourself?

The best Alfa video is of course when Jeremy Clarkson drives the 4C Spider in The Grand Tour's 'Moroccan Roll', but there are other, more long-term options.

Alfa Romeo has a stunningly perfect Instagram page, and there are some tribes dedicated to sharing the exquisite beauty of these cars - the 'Alfa' tribe, and the one where H2O Neun talks about his Alfa 75 racing car.

You can of course ogle Alfas when you see them while you're out and about. Smaller Alfas may be spotted in big cities, while bigger Alfas ... well, I must assume they can be spotted in Italy or in rich areas, because I rarely get the chance where I live. This problem can be side-stepped however - by buying an Alfa of your own, and ogling that one accordingly. In fact, I have made this into my long-term goal. Until then, back to the Internet it is, and onto Instagram, where everything pretty is collected, and so are Alfas.

The Alfa Romeo Instagram page - a thing of pure beauty.

The Alfa Romeo Instagram page - a thing of pure beauty.

Now that you have several ways to ogle Alfas, here are some things you need to know:

Many noobs will ogle Alfas. This spot as a newbie favourite is mainly because Alfas look good even to people who are not as interested in cars, but might also be due to the fact that Alfas used to be less brilliant in the areas of performance and reliability. Thus, the ogling noob was saved from learning specs because no one would ask about them. With Alfa becoming even more brilliant now, this is of course no longer so easy. Now noobs may have to spot Peugeots.

There are also some people who think that Porsches or Lamborghinis are cool to stare at whereas other cars are less so. There is no discernible reason for this, but people may think you odd for ogling Alfas instead. In that case, you can find your tribe online, or educate the people around you to the awesomeness of Alfas.

I had to educate my mum. It took me a few years, but she has finally admitted that Mitos are 'cute'. Success! Now the last thing that remains (apart from saving money for my own Alfa) is to convince the Tribe Leader that ogling Alfas is a perfectly normal thing to do.

I am sure this post will have helped me with that!

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  • So when you get around to owning Alfa, will carefully stroke it when walking past? Will you sneak down to the garage at an unusual hour to turn on the lights and just look at its lines and shapes? Will you talk to it before starting the engine?

    Just wondering ;-)

    Let the rest of us know when you get there.

      3 years ago