On the 12th day of Christmas ...

44w ago


… my true love brought it home with a record-breaking favourite: the 908/3.

This ingenious endurance racer was designed with the likes of the Targa Florio in mind, where its small footprint and low weight would make it untouchable through the fast and winding road circuit.

The 908/3 had a mid-mounted, air-cooled 3.0-litre flat-eight that made 350 PS in a car that weighed just 545 kg. Of its four official works outings, the car won three, including its historic debut at the Targa in 1970.

Jo Siffert and Brian Redman took top spot in the No. 12 car you see here, while Leo Kinnunen claimed the undefeated fastest lap with an incredible 33.36 dead.

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