On the Down-low with Hot Wheels 1969 C-10 RLC Exclusive

Hot Wheels latest RLC release gets some fresh paint and adjustable suspension

38w ago

The RLC (or Red Line Club for those unfamiliar) is Hot Wheels fan-type club that opens membership up once a year, to roughly 25,000 people. The $30 or so yearly membership gives you several perks -- the biggest of which being given access to exclusive releases of premium castings only available to club members. The one catch is that the castings are limited, usually to around 12-15,000 pieces, which means there aren't enough RLC releases for every member...often causing RLC cars to become immediately more desirable than most anything that hits the pegs. The Candy Striper gasser is a great example of that: prices on these 1 of 4,000 RLC cars are getting closer and closer to hitting that $2,000 mark. Pure. Insanity.

However, most RLC cars are still much more affordable and easier to get than the Striper, especially if you can get them straight from the RLC -- which is the case with this teal-metallic 1969 Chevrolet C-10 with adjustable suspension. Due to the newly re-vamped RLC checkout portal, I was in and out of the purchase process in less than 2 minutes -- a modern miracle compared to similar checkouts in the past few years. The truck arrived in about a week and I was pumped to break that sucker out and do an unboxing to show off that killer adjustable suspension. Enjoy!

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  • I passed on the first C10 as I dont usually collect trucks but the laint on this won me over... hopefully mine will arrive tomorrow.

    And I agree the checkout system finally works well! I was in and out before the minute mark on this one haha.

      8 months ago