On the Limit - Watch how hard the Front Wheel Drive 5 GT Turbo can be driven

Let Javier Carracedo show you how spectacular a FWD machine can be

This very innocent looking Renault 5 GT Turbo may seem not all that modified and quite simple, but it´s one of the most Legendary Monsters in Spanish Rallying and Hillclimb Racing. It is the product of over a decade of preparation and Racing by Javier Martinez Carracedo, who devoted is Motorpsorts career to the French FWD Hatchback.

Knowing the machine inside out really is a great help as not only he went on to extract well over 200Hp from the 1.4L Turbocharged engine, but has also an almost telepathic relationship with the little Monster. And that translates to a spectacular driving style and incredible speed, beating much more modern and powerful competition in every race it enters. It is the product of pure talent and years of dedication. And that´s something that needs to be celebrated by every Racing enthusiast.

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