On This Day, 42 Years Ago, The Dukes Of Hazzard Hit The Airwaves.

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Today in history, 42 years ago today, The hit show "The Dukes of Hazzard" hit the airwaves and was broadcast on almost every TV set in the U.S. and the General Lee was born.

If you never seen The Dukes of Hazzard, the hit show was about two cousins, Bo and Luke Duke, that live in rural Georgia on their family farm in fictional Hazzard county and are currently on probation for running moonshine. Along side Bo and Luke Duke, was their female cousin, Daisy Duke and their wise old Uncle Jesse. Uncle Jesse was the patriarch of the family, always looking out for the gang and would help them out or with advice whenever they needed it. The car the Duke boys would drive around Hazzard County with was a hopped up 1969 Dodge Charger stock car with the doors welded shut, dubbed "The General Lee."

The intro of the show consisted of Waylon Jennings strumming away on his guitar to the Dukes of Hazzard theme song after fading out to a clip of the General Lee getting airborne, and would go on to tell you who each character of the show was, before starting the show.

When Bo and Luke were both busted for running moonshine, Uncle Jesse took a plea bargain with the U.S Government to stop making moonshine for exchange of the boys freedom. As for them being on 5 years' probation, they were not allowed to leave Hazzard County or be in any possession of any firearm. So instead, they mainly used compound bows and every so often, strapped with a stick of dynamite.

They boys are always trying to evade corrupt commissioner, Jefferson Davis (J.D.) "Boss" Hogg and dimwitted corrupt Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane, along with other deputies he had along with him. Boss Hogg seems to run or have his fingers in everything that went on in Hazzard County. Hogg is usually forever angry at the Dukes for foiling his crooked "get rich quick schemes" he usually has going on due to the fact that sometimes it affects the financial security of the Duke farm, which Hogg has long wanted to acquire for various reasons over the years. Hogg usually hires criminals from out of town to do his dirty work for him, and he often tries to frame Bo and Luke as part of these plots. Bo and Luke always seem to stumble over Hogg's latest scheme, sometimes by curiosity, and often by dumb luck, and put a stop to it. Despite the Dukes often coming to his rescue, due to their good nature of who they are, they would always help out Hogg when he would double cross someone and they wanted revenge.

The other main characters of the show include local mechanic Cooter, who is portrayed as the Duke family's best friend (he is often referred to as an "honorary Duke") and owning the local garage in town. He was also the one to help build The General Lee with the Duke boys after towing it out of a junkyard in Capital City and bringing it back to his garage to help them enter one of Boss Hogg's road races. (That's how the boys got the General Lee.)

Enos is an honest but naive young deputy who, despite his friendship with the Dukes and also his crush on Daisy Duke, is usually forced to take part in crooked schemes with Boss Hogg and Rosco.

The television series that was aired on CBS from January 26, 1979, to February 8, 1985. The show aired for 147 episodes over seven seasons. Although the estimated number of General Lees used varies from different sources and people working on set, 325 General Lees were used to film the series. Others claim about 255 were used in the series. During the early years of production, there was no problem finding 68 and 69 Dodge Chargers to dress up and jump, but as years went on, those Chargers were getting harder and harder to find. They started to reuse some of the cars for jump scenes and even went to R/C cars towards the end. So you can thank this show for the lack of B-body Dodge Chargers in the world today, but back then, they were just a 10 year old secondhand car. Now a rusted out one, holds its weight in gold. Go ahead and try to find one for cheap.

Even though this show was before my time, (I was born in 1992) I would come home from middle school in the early to mid 2000's, sit down, and watch all the old reruns they would air in the afternoon before doing my homework. (If I decided to do it.) I would still watch it today, if it was still aired on TV. The reason I discovered The Dukes of Hazzard was probably from my Dad. he grew up in the 70's and 80's when they first aired, and I guess it was something for us to watch together since we also lived in a small rural farm town like they did. It was something to bond over and it also helped me get into cars. I learned a lot of life lessons from that show as well. A lot of good morals were in that show as well. something you really don't see in today's TV.

But, tell me down below. Have you, like many others, seen the famous Dukes of Hazzard TV show or were you not into it? What were your favorite parts? Who was your favorite character? Did you like the General Lee or did you have another favorite car one of the main characters drove around in? Let me know in the comments below. I would love the feedback!

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  • I was sadly not alive when it came out. But a couple years ago Amazon had it they then sadly got rid of it. So I bought all 7 seasons. But that is great that it is still around and talked about to this day

      3 months ago
    • Me either. Born in the 90’s. And yeah I know, they don’t even show it on tv anymore. I’m bummed out. It will be around for decades to come I’m guessing.

        3 months ago
    • I heard some where it was going to showed on live tv on a channel with old tv shows from the same time and then their was some back lash before it went on and because of that it never went on. Don’t take my word on this please

        3 months ago
  • The 2005 movie is still on Amazon. I know it is not as highly rated as the TV show, but you still get to see the 'The General' in action.

      2 months ago