On Track: Huracan vs. 488 vs. GT3

1y ago


All amazing cars. It's almost hard to compare them because they each give the driver a very unique feel on the track. I know the times that each car went around but does it really matter? I'm not a professional driver so I can't really tell you what will be the fastest. All I can tell you is what I enjoyed most.

Atlanta Motorsports Park

The first car I took around the track was the Porsche GT3. Im a huge fan of Porsches but I've never driven a GT3. It handled beautifully with smooth power. The car felt controllable and well balanced as it danced around the track. Even at times when there were other cars on the track, the GT3 stayed the dominant car and held it's position. The only way to describe how the car drove is simply "German". It's a perfect car to rip around on a track then drive home with the AC on and a smile on your face. The rear wheel steering make the corners almost too easy and the PDK kept the car in the power with quick shifts. It was amazing to drive but it lacked a bit of fear that makes racing fun. It was too good.

Next I drove the Lamborghini Huracan. While this wasn't my first time driving a Huracan, It was my first time on the track with one. Thanks to launch control you shot off the line with force and sped into the first turn. It handled well and was able to pull out of the turn thanks to the outstanding four-wheel drive system. The screaming V10 helps you tear down the straights as you watch the tachometer near the redline. Each downshift is quick and sounds like music to your ears. Unlike the Porsche, the Huracan isn't a perfect handling machine, and thats a good thing. You can take the corners with a precise line, or you can give it a little gas and come sliding around the corner with a grin from ear to ear. The car feels like an adventure every time you get behind the wheel.

Last but not least was the Ferrari 488. The car looked great and felt outstanding to drive. The steering was direct and quick. The sound was a little lacking but the car made up for it by it's ability to swing the back end around with little effort. The car was just as easy to apex as it was to drift around a corner. That is a mark of an amazing driver's car. Once again the transmission was fast and responsive. I did decide to put the transmission in automatic for a one lap around. The paddles felt great but I wanted to see how the car would handle itself without my input. The transmission was still great and drove like a proper supercar. My only disappointment was the turbo lag in automatic. Coming out of turn 6 (T6 see above) I had the pedal to the ground and it look a couple of second to get the pull power of the turbo'd V8. This little criticism should take away from how great the car actually is. In fact it was my favorite car of them all to drive on the track. The car just felt raw but refined. It helped me feel very connected to the track.