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      [ON YOUTUBE TODAY] How Do You Get a Supercar? This is not a straightforward question, but I can at least offer some thoughts from my experiences. For the drive I'm in Scotland at the wheel of my Focus RS; supercars away in the garage in London! Video now on my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/shmee150

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      • The best hot hatch back in my opinion Tim dispite the waiting list to get one

          3 years ago
      • Nice one, Tim!

          4 years ago
      • Very mature and responsible approach to the question, Tim. Inspiring message for my three boys.

          4 years ago
      • Changed it slightly so that it is not so hard to find Shmee150. Still want to have that SHM in the box to distinguish the tribe from others. ;)

          4 years ago
      • I finally found your tribe, having the spaces made it difficult :D

          4 years ago


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