OnBoard Drive in the NEW Lancia Stratos with Gated Manual Gearbox 😍

T​urn up the volume! #lanciastratos #stratos #lancia #newstratos

17w ago

In today's video I'll take you onboard for a ride in the new Lancia Stratos by Manifattura Automobili Torino. This example is fitted with a gated manual gearbox and Capristo exhaust system. Make sure to turn up the volume and enjoy the sound of the naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 engine!

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  • Fun Fact, The F430 used to make this particular Stratos, was an F430 conversion car built by European Auto Group, you know, the guys that built the Worlds First and Only Manual Scuderia on the planet, yeah those guys.

    The F430 used, was E.A.G.s FIRST ever successful manual conversion they ever did, and have now done over 78 successful conversions since.

      3 months ago