Onboard the 500Hp Subaru Impreza WRX Type-R by CroweSport

    Josh Mitchell´s bewinged Subaru Monster attacking Rod Millen´s driveway at Leadfoot Festival 2020

    This is Josh Mitchell´s Impreza GC8 WRX Type-R, one of the most unique takes on the Japanese Icon we have featured, here attacking Leadfoot Festival 2020. Tuned by the New Zealand-based legendary Subaru tuner CroweSport, this dedicated Hillclimb and Sprint Racing machine was able to achieve a final 6th Place overall on its debut at Rod Millen´s event.


    Based on the two-door Type-R version of the GC8 version of the Impreza, it is powered by a 500Hp Flat 4 Turbo unit stroked to 2.5L of displacement. Lightened to around 1100Kg, it also features a very proeminent Aerodynamic package, favouring Downforce. Check how it attacked the narrow and twisty driveway of rod Millen both outside and inside this machine we hope to see more in the future. And for those who follow our Channels for a longer time, the name CroweSport may ring a bell...This crazy Subaru Justy is the reason why:


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