Onboard the dominant 9.500Rpm Golf Mk1 Evo coming from Austria

Jurgen Halbartschlager and his frantic 300Hp/790Kg Volkswagen

Jurgen Halbartschlager drives one of the most impressive Golf Mk1 units in European HillClimb Racing and has been dominating the E1-2000 Class of the highly competitive Austrian HillClimb Championship. Now with an even more aggressive Aero package featuring more pronounced Fornt splitter, Rear diffuser and the quite unique side fins, this is also one of the coolest looking Mk1 Golfs you´ll see nowadays.

Other than that, it is still a screaming hatchback Monster, powered by a 2.0L Naturally Aspirated Engine capable of around 300Hp/9.500Rpm to move under 800Kg. With all this power distributed to the front wheels through a 6-speed Sequential Gearbox, it is certainly an icredibly impresive machine as you can see on this Onboard footage taken from Pollauberg HillClimb this year.

Oh and there´s a secret Weapon too.. look at the Top Right corner inside the car...

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