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If you only get to try one sportscar in your lifetime ...

4y ago

Photo Malene Raith
"Gesundheit, he, he, he ..." I've just started the silver metallic Porsche 911 Carrera S, and that's not something that goes unnoticed.
As soon as the key is turned, the engine is awakened and instruments brought to life with a short, but deep and vicious roar, that can be categorized as one of the most evil sneezes in the sports car segment.
I click the red belt seat tight with a smile. Oh, yes, this is a going to be a good day.

"If I want to be an eco freak, I should choose another car ..."


I might as well start out by confessing: this is my favorite car.
However, in weak moments I can be seduced by other sports cars, but the flirt is always short-lived, and every single time I end up back with my one true love: Porsche 911.
Much has happened since I in the 1980’ies with strange hair and shoulder pads got into a Porsche for the first time (with limps all over the place in the back seat), and the new modern models are of course differently smooth, technical well tuned and easy to handle for everybody, whether you prefer racingmode or comfortable cruising.

"Oh no, also the Porsche?" my husband sighs irritated on the passenger seat, as I stop at a red light and the motor shuts down.
Yep. Along with new times come new demands including fuel consumption. It must be optimized even on a Porsche 911 Carrera S and hence the sports car is equipped with a Start/Stop feature.
Luckily it can be turned off on the center console. If I want to be an eco freak, I should choose another car. In stead I switch on my favorite button.
The theatre binoculars, as I call it. But it's of course the sports exhaust system, that I have activated and it makes the Porsche 911 Carrera S rumble even more deeply than before. Absolutely amazing!
But there are many more lovely buttons in the car. For instance, the dampers can be made more or less rigid (Porsche 911 Carrera is basically hard, but not jaw rambling uncomfortable), and you can turn the security features as ESP off, if you want to go play on the racing track.

There is a detailed navigation, and the car is equipped with both camera- and parking sensors which probably will save many rear fenders and rims in a car, where you sit close to the ground without a lot of visibility behind you.
I close my hands on the large leather steering wheel, put the shifter in drive (7 speed PDK - the Porsche double-clutch automatic transmission) and roll down the street. I feel undeniably in my right element here eventhough the car is not really getting anywhere in the rush hours queues.
On the other hand it gives me plenty of time to put the car into Neutral and make it growl to please the group of waving boys on the sidewalk. Yeah, I love it too.

As mentioned, the Porsche 911 Carrera S is super easy to handle. Put it in drive and go. The car rolls comfortably, the leather seats are great, the steering firm and precise, and the accelerator is not uncontrollable, as long as you do not hit too hard. Theres no need for performance anxiety when you try your first Porsche.
But ... this a Porsche 911 Carrera S. A car you buy for the rush, and not just for going from A to B. And when you go for the rush, you also find entertaining features such as Launch Control.
It is activated by putting the car in Sport +, hold the brake down with the left foot, then hit the accelerator hard with the right, before releasing the brake pedal. This causes the Porsche to shoot off like a rocket with crash and clatter, pressing me back in my seat. It’s a demonstration in just how potent Porsche 911 Carrera S is, and real fun to try out on a deserted road.
I am now approaching the highway, the traffic is thinning out, and I have room for a little fun. I hit the highway ramp and speed up around the bend. Porsche 911 Carrera S is created for this and is perfectly stable on the road, glued to the asphalt.

The driving experience is eminent. I feel full control of the situation all the time, and my veins are filled with endorphins. This is the maximum driving pleasure.
And I have not even touched the discreet button on the steering wheel yet, where I can put the Porsche 911 Carrera S, in the respectively driving modes Sport and Sport + or back to normal.
In Sport mode the body is harder, the throttle response quicker, and the releasing of the accelerator, even at low speeds, fills the air with wonderfull pops from the turbo.
But put it in Sport + and the car becomes much more serious. The Porsche tightens up instantly and fun and games are replaced with a serious desire to race.
Now the car becomes very powerful, and you should not let go of all the wild horses, before you know your Porsche. Especially not if you want to keep your driving license. The racetrack is much better.

"If you only get to try one sports car in your lifetime, let it be a Porsche 911 Carrera ..."

Me again

Driving in normal mode is good enough for me, but if I need to quickly overtake another car, I can press the middle of the driving mode button. It activates the Sport + for a few seconds (a counter shows up on the display), giving me a boost, before returning to normal mode again.
I roll down the window in a tunnel and test it. The roar from the Porsche hurts my ears and the micro car, located at the other end of the tunnel, looks baffled as the silver thunderstorm a moment later shoots by. Oh, how I love that even more!
And then there's the kind of backseat. Well, my son refuses to sit there if he can get away with it, and I prefer to use it for my coat, handbag and everyday shopping. But the main thing is, that it's there.
Like in the 1980’ies I almost once again put myself in a sort of body gridlock, when I went back there to photograph the interior of the new Porsche 911 Carrera S, but there are room for children. And that is surely better than leaving them behind.
In addition, the trunk is actually nicely spacious with room for three full shopping bags, beer, wine and two packs of kitchen towels. Or chic weekend suitcases.

Porsche 911 Carrera S is convenient enough for you to use it for smal practical things. Such as go get bread at the bakery, go shopping and pick up the children at school, but have no doubt: this is a 100 percent fantastic and genuine driving machine.
And let's not forget the brilliant design that makes the 911 so untouchable in my book. So close to the original Porsche 911 design from 1963 and yet still renewed and modernized over the decades.
Design, driving performance and ease of use simply makes this car the perfect sports car, a genuine driving machine for everybody with a pocket full of money.
If you only get to try one sports car in your lifetime, let it be a Porsche 911 Carrera.

Porsche Carrera S (3.0)
Horsepower: 420
Top speed: 306 km/h
0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds

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