One is so very sorry.

Yes I'm still doing this.

I didn't make a list this time round so I feel like I have forgotten like, half of the apologies due to be made for my incompetence and loudmouthyness (new word right there). Anyway enjoy and....sorry?

Sorry Jake Savoie for nearly telling an anti-american joke, thereby sending you into full rage mode. That was disaster averted.

Sorry Ferdi Kamphuis for unknowingly offending you again and again and again by continuously talking.

Sorry Nolan Carter and Jake Savoie and Ben Klock for saying that playstation is better than xbox because the xbox remotes are "so fat and ugly". Playstation is for nerds I hate that thing🤟.

Sorry Nolan Carter and Jake Savoie and Ben Klock for being anti-american. America is a land of hope and eternal beauty.

Sorry Amogh for idk what, I just know there was something.

Sorry Ferdi Kamphuis for offering Hobbes as a sacrifice for my rick-roll quiz. I love Hobbes (that is kinda weird when you consider it but I'm tryna be nice so throw a dog a bone here).

Sorry Atman Balakrishnan for offending you by offending others.

Sorry Tom H for offending you by offending Atman Balakrishnan by offending others.

Sorry Smokey Tires for offending you by offending Tom H by offending Atman Balakrishnan by offending others.

uhhhh I have forgotten so many I think, next time I will make notes. Your welcome, and I'm sorry.....if that wasn't already obvious😂.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed just a smidge.

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Comments (56)

  • Hey! You forgot me😭

      11 days ago
  • I see... just please post into the appropriate tribe. Not top news please.

      11 days ago
    • Yeah, should be more in the fun tribe or incredibly random stuff, this ain't news

        11 days ago
    • i think ur jealous u didnt make it but good point actually😂

        11 days ago
  • Xbox vs PlayStation. My opinion Who actually gives a crap? I can't stand console fanboys They're all annoying cretins.

    The only reason I bought an xbox was because 1. It was on offer and 2. It's what my mates have.

      10 days ago
  • You hated on Xbox 🤯

      10 days ago
  • Why don’t you just stop offending people. It’s very offensive. Also, you still didn’t apologize for making tea the wrong way

      11 days ago