one kid! One Mercedes AMG-GT

1y ago


Click and watch this review of the Amazing AMG GT done by Rowena's Supercars! FROM SUPERCAR KIDS RULE TRIBE! Just an 8 year old with a DREAM to be a Professional TV Car Show Presenter plus she really love Supercars. Watch this in this her 10th episode for Rowena's Supercars; in this film, you'll see the amazing Mercedes AMG GT where she'll be giving you some of the specs and also a insight into this beast of a supercar. A BIG THANK YOU to Mercedes - Benz of Exeter and most of all Richard Hannaford for helping Rowena with the information. She hopes you'll all enjoy watching the AMG GT as much as she enjoyed filming it. Thank you very much Rowena's Supercars Leader of Supercar Kids Rule!

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