Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in Germany exists a very special place. Hundreds of articles have been written about this place. Books, movies, documentaries. Some of the most important people in Motorsport have spoken about it. Iconic drivers deemed the circuit unfit for competition. Nicknamed it famously 'The Green Hell'.

'The Karussell' - Undoubtedly one of the most boring corners of the track according to the OLH team!

Somewhere between the quiet villages of Adenau and Nurburg lives a very unique Tribe. A Tribe that believes that '...the whole Nurburgring scene is taking itself so seriously'. A Tribe that where other carguys see a 'shitbox' they see an 'ideal future build project candidate'. A Tribe that prays on that quiet afternoon TF session, because they can't even afford a Trackday. A Tribe that isn't after that ideal fast lap because they simply crave just finishing a full lap after multiple attempts that end up with... a ride home on the tow truck. A tribe of... One Lap Heroes!



This tribe wrenches, with limited success on projects of variable difficulty. They do it mainly in the nights after 10-12 hour days. They never have the budget, the patience or the skill for the job at hand. But they are never phased.

They dream of 24h races in cars that can barely complete a 20 min sprint. They dream crazy 2JZ Jaguars, mid-engine'd classic 911s and endurance racing Trabants. They dream big. They fail big. But then they get up and try again. 'You can't do this' is the small push they need to start a project. 'This is impossible' sounds like a motivational speech to them. Nothing seams to makes sense but they sort of march forward, partly in denial, fueled by their dreams.

The 'flex' is usually a main weapon of choice. (Hammer, duct tape and zipties complete the OLH survival kit)

And then there is those moments, that everything connects. The air is cold and the engine feels strong, a bit stronger than usual. The track is dry. Not too busy. Not too dirty. It just grips. The tires get up to temp. The balance of the car is just right (or at least today isn't trying to kill you every other corner). All your daily problems start to disappear somewhere in the background. The only thing that exists are those 20-something km ahead of you. The rhythm builds. The faster you go the more you understand why this track is tricky. Elements start to connect. Bumps that you never felt before start to appear in your line. Jumps appear when you don't expect them.

'I live my life one Pflanzgarten jump at a time' - Anonymous 'Ringer

It never lasts! Something goes wrong. Sometimes is the car others is the driver. Forget fabricated reality TV drama or the usual 'build' problems. Here the variables are so many that running out of things to fail is almost impossible. But our Heroes know. You can't make omelette without breaking the eggs and you certainly can't lap the 'Ring consistently without joining the 'Bongard Club'.

Peeling the RingBanana.

When disaster strikes for our OLHs this is only a great opportunity to go back to the drawing board. To work on the machine. To improve. To dream bigger. To bond over the long nights. The long waits for the right part. The rusted bolt that after multiple German winters will simply not move. Friendships are forged over WD40 and swearing that would make a grown man blush.

If only the BHP/ton would match the smile/km ratio!

I know what you are thinking. Is this article all about Miatas that their only difference is the color? Are these grown men only drive girly, 'hairdresser' cars? Is it possible that 'Miata is the only answer' even when it comes to picking the right 'RingTool?

No! Certainly not. Expect a lot more than MX-5s. However if you don't like cheap small RWD fun cars you... deserve... to be forced to watch on loop a marathon montage of Youtube-SupercarOwnerTakesDeliveryOfXNewSupercar-VLOG footage cut to the Nyan Cat song.

OLH team meets the fans! It's all about the people, people.

So what is One Lap Heroes? We never really intended to answer that question. You sort of have to stay to find out. Watch our videos. Read our articles. Or simply scroll through our photos. If you like to drive fun cars on track. If you are interested in stupid budget builds and grassroots racing. If you like some bullshit in your information but not simply bullshit for the sake of it. If you are a Nurburgring fan, a Honda guy or simply an MX-5 guy (or girl? are there girls here?). Watch this space. Share. Interact. Bump. Do what people do these days on social media platforms!

P.S: No! I didn't mean complain about everything. You can do that on the YouTube comments in our channel, let's keep this one full of positive vibes!