ONE MAN ARMY. A Ram Air Yamaha XS650 from Canada’s PanicRev Customs

As head honcho of the small shop PanicRev Customs, young Paul does everything himself...

3y ago

It’s no secret that loads of custom builders farm out elements of their builds. Often it’s the paintwork, sometimes it’s the wiring or even particularly swear-worthy moments of fabrication. But not Paul Miller. As head honcho of the small shop PanicRev Customs young Paul does everything himself. Everything. And he does a damn fine job of it too, as this XS650-powered, custom-framed street tracker shows.

And he tends to think well ahead. Halfway through his last project he was already mulling over his next build, and he had a pretty good idea of what he wanted to make. He was after a parallel twin to set up as a tarmac-carving street tracker. While glancing through some classifieds he came across an ad for a 1972 XS650 powerplant.


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