One-of-a-kind blue Ferrari F40 sells for record-breaking £1m at online auction

Setting a world record in the process

When this gorgeous F40 left the factory in 1989 it was actually painted in one of Ferrari's most popular colours - Rosso Corsa. It was originally registered by Ferrari Suisse in Nyon, Switzerland, before being sold to Liberty Walk in Japan in 2004. They painted it white and kept it for ten years, before selling it again to Joe Macari Performance Cars in London, who brought it back to its factory state but painted it blue.

Just one year later, in 2015, professional photographer and YouTuber Sam Moores acquired it and kept it until last week, when it was sold at auction for £1m, making it the most expensive car ever sold via online auction in the UK and Europe.

The car is in an excellent condition and apart from the paintwork and a few bits and bobs, everything is original. The F40BLU, that's the nickname that Moores gave it, has become a bit of an internet sensation over the last few years, making frequent appearances at car shows throughout Europe as well as being featured in various YouTube channels including Shmee's channel.

The cabin is characteristically barren, with red bucket seats and no door trims or door handles, no stereo, no carpets and no glovebox and, well, nothing else apart from a steering wheel, a gear lever and an air conditioning system.

The 478-hp 2.9-litre twin-turbo V8 that lives under the bonnet is in mint condition, and it's done 26,155 km (around 16k miles).

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Comments (11)

  • 1m gbp is actually not very high for an F40.

    Auction prices in the last 3 years have been around 1.7m to 2m usd which is 1.2m to 1.4m gbp.

    And I get it, Ferrari people are purists that generally frown upon anything non standard. Especially if the car has had a very non-standard history.

      1 month ago
  • I want this as a phone wallpaper

      1 month ago
  • In Australia, it took 1-2 years to sell a ~$2M Ferrari F40. I saw it in person in DEC 2020 and it was the first time I ever saw one. It sold a few months ago.

      1 month ago
  • He destroyed its personality by painting it blue

      1 month ago
  • 26.000kms not 16.000...just look at the picture 😉

      1 month ago