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one of the most underrated cars in india

honda brv might be one of the most underrated car in india ever!

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Background On The Car

Since the launch of renault duster way back in 2011 stature of automobile market has changed which i call the pseudo suv revolution well duster wasn't one of these over grown hatchbacks it is pretty capable and gets an AWD drivetrain but it wasnt late until other manufacturers started cashing in on this new hype/trend because when it comes to buying cars most buyers can relate to the saying 'monkey see monkey do' if your neighbor has that particular car you have to have it, if your relative has it you definity have to buy that, you see a lot of them on the road then that means that car is good this is how most buyers approach on deciding which car to buy, and soon enough everyone had to have an suv even if it is just an overgrown hatchback and companies like ford and hyundai cashed on it heavily and i'll put my hands up some of these cars were really good but some of them weren't exactly value for money and by 2015 this cars become dominant and every car brand must have a compact suv in their portfolio to make some business and sure enough honda who was already struggling to compete with hyundai and suzuki in terms of sales despite having better cars (atleast to drive) honda had to bring in their suv game and they brought the BR-V based on mobilio/brio platform

what exactly went wrong with BR-V

Quiet a lot actually

Honda was late to the party not too late as some experts would say because vitara brezza did pretty well and by pretty well it topped the sales chart despite being not as good as brv is. So what exactly honda did wrong then firstly they put a weak underpowered diesel motor compared to others creta and here is the second reason every single media channels, journalist were quick to compare it with creta and comparing a 15 lac car with an 18 lac car is not fair and yes there was quiet a lot of other things that were going against BR-V it didn't really looked good it wasn't something you would call a box driving throw air in simple terms it didn't looked like an SUV and people wanted an SUV and brv looked more like an MPV and pretty handsome MPV actually, it wasn't a good looking suv but it was a da*n good looking mpv

And honda placing it in a suv category really didn't help the case either, people still bought overpriced hatchback creta and the sales were around 10k per month and brv was around 1000s and later dropped to around 500s to 800 and now in 2019 its barely doing upwards of 300 per month sad* though HONDA didn't equipped BR-V with same amount of features as creta but my argument is its still costs 3 lacs cheaper than creta

But Why Exactly I Am Stating its an underrated car

The reason is Well again! Quiet a lot actually

For starters the car drives beautifully its stable at highway speeds its alot more stable than its so called rival/competition creta,

It handles really well for an suv/mpv, steering feel and feedback is typical honda best in the segment with slightly stiffer suspension setup car turns into the corner really good for a big car it is.

And it has 7 seats it can easily accomodate 7 passengers easily and last row can actually be accomodated by medium sized adult unlike in bigger and expensive cars like xuv500 and fortuner where if you have to get into the backseat you have to chop your legs from knee down to sit comfortably and thats not comfortable and Yeah chopping someones leg is ILLEGAL! I GUESS.

And even though honda dissaponted us with a bad diesel engine petrol motor will not dissapoint you that 1.5 litre vtec naturally aspirated motor is a gem to drive produces about 120hp amd 145nm of torque the car weights about 1100 kg and combining all these numbers the cars 0-100 kph figure is 10.8 seconds not bad for a people carrier, despite all this on highway mileage is around 16 kmp/l similar to diesel creta


Despite being under featured and diesel motor being under powered car is safer to drive and safer to be in

How can i say this well my family owns one so you could say i am a bit biased here but not to an extent where i am completely wrong.
















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  • Great post. I agree with you on all points. Someone I know bought a BR-V when it was newly launched, they took me on a drive too. It was extremely comfortable and the parts quality appeared to be top-notch. I haven't actually ever compared this to the crossovers. I always looked at it as an MPV and sure as hell, it looks smart!

      1 year ago
    • If at the time it had been compared with other mpvs like Renault enjoy, ertiga at that time this car would have done a lot better, it's not an suv it doesn't look like an suv iy doesn't drive like one either and i think you might agree with me on this...

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        1 year ago
    • True. It's very low for an SUV

        1 year ago
  • Are the grammatical errors a joke or what? 😁

      1 year ago