One of the rarest BMW E30 M3s is up for sale and it isn't cheap

Number 16 of 50 ever made

4y ago

The BMW E30 M3 is a car that has soared in value over the past decade. Prices for a mint condition first generation M3 have regularly topped £50,000 and on a few occasions topped £100,000.

With strong connections to Motorsport, for example, being the most successful touring car of all time, the E30 has the deadly combination of having a strong nostalgic hold over people and actually being an incredible driver’s car.

This all lead to people throwing money at them until they became unattainable for the common folk who really wanted them. Like me…

Well, there is a version of the BMW E30 M3 that puts the standard car’s prices to shame, and it is even in LHD. That’s right, let me introduce you to the eye-waveringly expensive 1987 BMW E30 M3 Evo 1 LHD Tour de Corse Ltd Edition.

This is number 16 of 50 ever produced and is on the market for £149,989.

I would love to argue how that is a ridiculous fee and way over-priced, but then I get another glimpse of it with the black rims and black everything else and I want to sell all of my possessions just to buy a photo of it… too much?

I personally hadn't seen one of these in the wild, but it is up for sale here on Motorhub:

Would you take the 'Tour de Corse' Ltd edition home or opt for the standard E30 M3 and pocket the cash?

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  • Every car in that place is overpriced. Pretty sure it's a front for something else that place.

      4 years ago