- The only full carbon Ferrari 16M!

One Off Carbon Bodied Ferrari 430 Scuderia 16M Is For Sale

This could be worth a lot of money!

3y ago

Ferrari Beverly Hills have got a prized possession on their hands in the form of this extremely bespoke full carbon bodied Ferrari 430 Scuderia 16M. This is the only example of this car in existence to sport an exposed red carbon fibre body.

This work of art was brought to life by a special unnamed company in Maranello who are known to work closely with Ferrari. With only 300 miles on the clock and no given price, this could be worth a lot more than the standard models.

Ferrari had built only 499 models of the Scuderia 16M which was made to celebrate their 16th victory in the F1 Constructer's Championship in 2008. Powered by the same unit from Scuderia Coupe, the 16M featured a host of special components such as the lightweight wheels, advanced aerodynamics and distinct livery.

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